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If you just want to drink a glass of red wine, and get forced to study a wine-menu with more that 50 sorts of wine…then you might be in Chile. Im from the countryside, for me all wines taste the same, some just give you a worse headache than others. Remark: I CAN taste a difference between red, white and rose though! When it comes to wine, the following things are most important to me: – Color: Red – Not too expensive (not to say as cheap as possible) – Pretty label on the bottle – Screw-Cap preferred to cork (way easier to open!) – Low headache potential – Glass Bottle because I'm a grown up now – Tetra Pack doesn't have style anymore Back to the wine menu – the only useful information available is the ml to Dollar ratio – Glass Size and Price per glass. They don't have a house wine (which is normally the cheapest!), they don't even indicate if it's a red or a white wine…just the names of the different wine families, Cabernet, Sauvignon, etc. Guess that's basic knowledge you learn here at elementary school…in Chile! Not in Germany. The people at the table next to me had a great idea – they asked the waiter which wine he would recommend for their meals! That's a perfect strategy. Copied. Apparently I had several options from intense, fruity, organic to light…whatever, light is the cheapest, light it shall be. Tasted good, did it's job. Got a tiny little bit tipsy, became a bit more happy and enjoyed my meal. No headaches. Maybe I should visit some winery's next week, I heard they let people guess the different tastes of wines…could be fun pretending to know the differences…"I can taste an earthy note…a hint of leather…oh this one is really old-world-style" #chile #wine #winetasting #noclueaboutwine #redwine #winebar #tetrapak

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