Try the impossible

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Sometimes it's good to try the impossible, you might be surprised if what you're capable of. Last year in Peru I've been so impressed by all the people climbing the high glaciers in Huaraz, far higher than any place in Europe…I really love the mountains, but climbing those mountains seemed to be impossible for me, too hard, too technical. Luckily someone told me I should try to climb one of these mountains, I can make it, I'm strong enough, capable to do it. It has been the hardest thing I've ever done, but you can get it if you really want, right? Since I summited, I got addicted to climbing, quit my job and climbed more. My favorite summit and the biggest challenge so far was Tocllaraju (6.038m) which I have climbed in August this year. The ice-wall at the last part scared the hell out of me, my legs and hands were shaking as I was looking up this final section…but as soon as you start climbing you concentrate on what you're doing…one step after another, no time for fear. The reward was perfect views from the top and the greatest feeling of accomplishment 🤗 #climbing #mounteneering #glacier #mountain #huaraz #tocllaraju #peru #summit #cordillerablanca #derbergruft #nofear #dontlookdown #ostfrieseaufmberg

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